After reviewing many qualified Broncos, we are happy to announce that the recipient of the 2022 scholarship is Sylvan Benton!  Sylvan has been awarded $7,314 that has been put towards 14 credit hours for the Spring 2022 semester at Western Michigan University.

Sylvan is soon earning both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Product Design and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Leadership & Business Strategy. During her time at WMU, she has held leadership roles in MODA (Merchandising Opportunities & Design Association) and IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America). Sylvan also has participated as a Student Advisory Board Representative for WMU’s Product Design program and held multiple on-campus jobs focusing on WMU student experiences.

Sylvan’s greatest impact has been her involvement in generating $45,000 in scholarships through Bronconess Bronconess is a WMU student led wine brand that’s focused on raising money for scholarships while allowing students to gain real life experience in operating a business. Sylvan’s involvement in Bronconess has not only allowed her to grow as a leader, but also has allowed her to experience a sense of purpose alongside fellow Broncos and external partners.

We were impressed with Sylvan’s ability to provide solutions to opportunity areas around WMU. She has shown no hesitation in doing what’s right even if its outside the status quo or against the wishes of people in positions of authority. Her ability to show others what’s right through action resonated with us and we feel this will serve her well in her future career.

Outside of academics, Sylvan has been heavily involved in many aspects of Bronco life on campus. This includes supporting Bronco athletics, student art shows and helping others achieve their academic goals. Sylvan has portrayed all the qualities we were looking for in a scholarship recipient. We are proud to help provide funding for someone’s education that has already given so much to the Bronco community. Thank you Sylvan and congratulations!

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