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For decades we have been frustrated in seeing quality Bronco gear on the sidelines that was not available through stores for us to purchase.  In late 2020, after seeing the Broncos participate in MACtion, we noticed the football staff wearing some great looking Bronco gear that we couldn't buy.  We decided to start a petition. 

In 2021, we learned that WMU was silently going through a visual identity change.  We noticed a surge in petition signatures and increased activity on social media.

We have learned that the department of marketing and communications at WMU was planning to use a brown circle with a yellow W. They had modified the bronco logo into one that has hair highlights (frosted tips) a closed border and flipped right to make it look like a cheap elementary school logo.  Along with this logo change, the school was looking to eliminate the Vegas Gold and Black from the color palate in favor of Yellow and Gray.  This was both eliminating our identity as Broncos along with reversing the color scheme to something from the 1970s.

We have participated in a number of media interviews since the news of this rebranding has been made public.  We have curated a list of stories affiliated with this atrocity here: wmughostbronco | Linktree

We were able to obtain sideline gear that has never been made available to the public. The success of this store has led to over $50,000 in donations and scholarships.  With your help, we plan to do more.

We hope that you will join the fight with us against the WMU rebranding and the robbery of our identity as Broncos.  If you wish to get involved, please sign our petition and fill out the email form below. We are always open to feedback (unlike the WMU administration).

Follow us on social media outlets using the handle @wmughostbronco

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