FOIA request - December 2021 FOIA request - December 2021

Hello Broncos,

The team at has completed a Freedom of Information Act request to Western Michigan University for information regarding some of the spending on this unpopular rebrand.

We focused this request on items that are clearly visible to the public such as the new stadium/field wraps, football scoreboard wraps and championship banners.  Below are the results of this FOIA request: 

Copy of Invoices

We find it unfortunate that the WMU administration refuses to listen to the WMU community regarding this rebrand and continues to allocate budget to something that is wildly rejected.

With low campus moral, decreasing budgets and a downward spiral in enrollment, it is troublesome that the administration's priorities are so misplaced.  We continue to fight alongside all Broncos against this rebrand by raising awareness, raising funds and proving that this is a widespread embarrassment that needs to stop.

Fight On!

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